White River Manor is open during lockdown in South Africa

White River Manor is a registered essential service provider and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic continues to offer a world class therapetic Program. We have taken every precaution to maintain the integrity of our environment and screen clients both before and on arrival. Our staff too undergo regular testing and screening to ensure the safety of our clients.

    South Africa

    Benefits of Going to Treatment Abroad

    If you find yourself grappling with addiction and have taken the first important step of acknowledging your need for assistance, you might be contemplating the prospect of seeking drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  It's essential to recognise that there's no universal solution to addiction recovery treatments. Discovering the right rehab centre tailored to your specific needs...

    Anger Management in Addiction Recovery: Understanding The Link Between Anger and Addiction

    Whether we're on the path to recovery or not, anger has a way of barging into our lives. When it does, our bodies tense up, heartbeats race, and breaths quicken. Amid this tempest, neurotransmitters like adrenaline and cortisol surge through us, setting the stage for an intensely emotional experience. In the midst of such turmoil,...

    The benefits of sunlight on recovery

    Numerous studies have already shown that natural light has instant positive effects on our immune system, stress levels and blood pressure. A strong immune system, of course, means less chance of any illness and means the body is stronger if sickness does arise. Here are the benefits of sunshine on recovery.

    Top 10 Reasons Why South Africa Is the Perfect Destination for Rehab

    Finding the perfect location for rehab isn’t always easy. For most, it requires an environment that provides enough stimulation without feeling overwhelming or feeding bad habits. There is a myriad of reasons why you should choose South Africa as the ideal luxury rehab destination, such as nature, wildlife, culture, and excellence in the field of substance abuse and burnout programs.

    The benefits of quality time in the great outdoors to improve mental health

    Research generously and continuously supports ecotherapy as a key benefit to mental health. In fact, just the suggestion of nature seems to improve human mental health. A study carried out by Mind found that 95% of those interviewed said their mood improved after spending time outdoors. They noted a change from depressed, stressed and anxious, to calm and balanced.